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I am writing today to inform our membership of two important developments in the Great Southwest Industrial Park. The first is a potential redevelopment of the GSW Golf Course into a new industrial project by private investors and the second is the reconstruction of the 1-30/360 Interchange.

GSW Golf Club:

As many members have enjoyed the golf course over the years and a 160 acre development is quite and undertaking, we thought you would like to know what is going on. The course is under contract to be sold and the investment group is proceeding through the proper channels to proceed with their desired development. If you would like to learn more, there is a P&Z meeting on February 2. At the bottom of this email is a summary of the project as well as details on the hearing.

I-30/360 Interchange:

For years we have been waiting on a better interchange between I-30 and 360 and plans are finally moving ahead. On behalf of the Association, Board Member David Shuford of Interline Brands has been attending meetings regarding this development and providing updates. View the 5 documents collected at the meeting (PDF). Some key points include:

  1. The ramps connecting I-30 and Hwy 360 will extend north and south, and east and west, farther than you might first imagine. Changing access to both highways extensively near the junction. Carrier Pkwy/Green Oaks may be the closest point to enter Hwy 360 southbound, for example.

  2. Avenue F and Avenue G will likely be reconfigured into access roads, and extended to connect to Hwy 161 access.

  3. Six Flags Drive will be connected to Avenue H……check it out on the drawing……this will be a major link underneath the interchange.

A key aspect of this development is how to re-construct the GSW Bridge. Summed up, the ideal development is to lower the highway to allow frontage roads to be created linking the GSW Bridge with I-30. This would greatly increase the ingress/egress to the heart of the Industrial Park and the Association will be lobbying in support of the added investment. Here is a more detailed overview of the bridge debate:

  • TxDOT is preparing plans to construct a direct connection between I-30 and SH-360 which means direct “flyover” ramps instead of the existing signals and intersections. Their design is extending along I-30 toward SH-161 and includes the Great Southwest Bridge over I-30. The initial design included widening and reconstructing the Great Southwest Bridge over I-30 in the same location with the same design. The Great Southwest bridge would be a new bridge with the same design (arch) that exists today and would never allow for frontage roads to connect to Great Southwest Parkway.

  • Great Southwest crosses I-30 at a high point (top of a hill) as you drive along the highway. That is the reason there has to be such a big arch in the bridge for it to span across I-30. To reduce the arch in the bridge and allow for the bridge to be rebuilt so that it matches the ultimate design construction of Great Southwest Parkway and allow for frontage roads, the main lanes of I-30 need to be lowered and the bridge reconstructed without the arch. By taking out the arch, it allows for frontage roads to be constructed along I-30 which would connect directly to Great Southwest parkway.

  • TxDOT has prepared two alternatives that lower the main lanes of I-30 and removes the arch in the bridge and connects frontage roads directly to Great Southwest Parkway. Alternative 1 has frontage roads from Great Southwest Parkway to the west (toward SH360). Alternative 2 has frontage roads from SH-360 to SH-161 that connect directly with Great Southwest Parkway and a slip road that connects to Duncan Perry. Alternative 1 cost an additional $17 million and Alternative 2 costs an additional $33 million.

  • The only way there will ever be frontage roads along I-30 with a connection to Great Southwest Parkway is if Alternative 1 or Alternative 2 are included in the construction.

We will likely be reaching out soon to request our members help in voicing their support for one of the two Alternatives. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jim Hazard
Chairman, Great Southwest Industrial District Association


Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing of Monday, February 02, 2015

P150202 - Preliminary Plat - GSW Logistics Addition (City Council District 1). Consider a request to approve a preliminary plat to create a seven-lot non-residential subdivision. The 163.93-acre property, located at 612 Avenue J, is zoned Light Industrial (LI) District and is within the S.H. 360 Overlay District.
Currently Zoned: Light Industrial
Case Manager: Denice Thomas

S150203 - Site Plan - GSW Logistics Industrial Development (City Council District 1). Consider a request to approve a site plan to construct and operate a multi-user industrial development. The 163.93-acre property, located at 612 Avenue J, is zoned Light  Industrial (LI) District and is within the S.H. 360 Overlay District.
Currently Zoned: Light Industrial
Case Manager: Denice Thomas


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