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After a year of coordinating and organizing, the Association will launch a new Business to Business Member Program in 2015 to “Support” the GSW Industrial Park. We are very excited as this program will meet two important goals of the Board. First, will create a strong link between national and local business savvy executives and the GSW Industrial Park’s enormous manufactured goods product lines and services. Second, this program will also enable the GSW Industrial Park to gain national recognition to companies searching North Texas to expand or relocate. Our message will be solid… Locate to the GSW Industrial Park and become a business neighbor to more than 3,000 companies and 60,000 employees! The more we learn about the businesses in GSW and the more we increase communication amongst one another, the more value we can create throughout the Park.

The website will provide the Great Southwest Industrial Park with a central showcase for the Association members to display exclusive offers as well as business savvy executives and citizens directly to each individual business.

Our goal is and remains to promote products and services within the Great Southwest Industrial Park by improving marketing and increasing sales so that each member has another resource to thrive; members will have the ability to display logos, photos, contact information, news and events, offers and coupons so that viewers can be reminded of the businesses that make our Industrial Park unique. This advertising program will be FREE to Association members!


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